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Eyelash Care at the Hairdresser


We encourage you to contact our office with any questions not addressed below. 

Does your institute accept financial aid/VA?

We are not able to accept federal funding until we are accredited which takes a minimum of two years.

What will I learn?

Nail technology is the study of nails and requires 300 hours and Esthetics is the study of skin/makeup and requires 450 hours.

Are we still able to receive our license even though you are not accredited?

Yes. Once the board approves a school to open, we are able to provide the program of study and you will be able to take your licensure exam upon completion.

Do we have to pay for the program upfront in full?

No. We have several different payment options and affordable plans available.

Do you offer day/night classes?

Yes, we offer all programs for our evening classes for both programs. Esthetics Day Classes starting August 21st, 2023.

Can I transfer my hours from another approved school?

Yes, but the amount of hours accepted can vary.

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